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Same-sex marriage is discrimination

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Summary: Don't read this. You'll hate it.

I expect I will make no friends in posting this. The only people who will come to my side are right-wingers, but they shouldn't because if they read this in full (they won't), they'll realize I'm attacking them too. Honestly, you shouldn't even bother reading the rest of this because it's just going to piss you off since I'm about to label you as a hypocrite.

DOMA is dead. Much of the world is cheering for "equality" and the defeat of "discrimination". The problem is that same-sex marriage means more discrimination, not less.

Forgive the sensationalist title. Same-sex Marriage is discrimination.

Marriage is the institutionalized oppression of single people and those who do not wish to be married.

It is no secret that there are many benefits to being married. Gay people want to be married for a reason. Treating people differently on the basis of whether or not they are married = discrimination.

I've heard the arguments

"It's a war against the religious right", "There are economic benefits", "More kids will be adopted", "What do you want us to do? Fight to abolish marriage? That will never happen."

I honestly don't care. Some (all) of these are good arguments. But this isn't about pragmatism, it's about the supposed cultural ideology of "equal rights" - a fallacy.

Culture of marriage

Not only is it discriminatory, but marriage rights reinforce a marriage-normative culture. It suggests to me how I should optimally live my life - not as a single person, not as a person with multiple partners, and not as a person with beliefs that in any way differ from marriage-normative culture.

Not everyone wants to be married

There are financial, political, social, cultural, and sexual reasons not to get married. Yes, some people don't actually want to be married.

Stop pretending we do.


Am I trolling? No. I'm mad. I'm tired of people and their = signs parading around pretending they're the saviors of equality and equal rights. It's hypocrisy.

If you support special rights for married people - homosexual, heterosexual, or robo-human, you support discrimination. Put down your flags - you're no different than the bigoted religious right.

But it's too late. The bus has left the station. Marriage won. and fuck me.

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